Vom Gangende in die Lagerbereiche, Lebensmittel und Getränke

Do you need to move more pallets continuously and autonomously with optimum safety?
Let BALYO take care of your application.

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Vom Eingangsbereich zum Gangende, E-Commerce

Do you have an application to move varied SKUs all across the warehouse 24/7? With Driven by BALYO robots you can achieve
impressive throughput with maximum safety.

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Vom Eingangsbereich zum Gangende, Chemikalien

Check out how BALYO is able to provide competitive advantage with its solutions

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Transport zwischen Gebäuden, 3PL

Check out how Driven by BALYO robots can streamline the rigorous demands of interbuilding material transportations in industry

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Milkrun-Konzept in der Produktion, Automobilindustrie

Do you know that BALYO autonomous trucks are currently handling more than 5000 missions per week, streamlining the in-plant
material delivery?

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Produktionsende, Lebensmittel und Getränke

Looking for an efficient, safe and autonomous solution to handle your delicate loads in F&B industry? Say no more.

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Produktionsende, Fertigung

Do you need an autonomous solution to move finished goods to storage area? We got you covered. Check how we are able to
efficiently move materials from conveyors to storage area.

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Unfertige Erzeugnisse, Verpackung

Do you know that with a Driven by BALYO robot, you can handle work in progress goods across not 1 but 10 material flows? Success story.

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Unfertige Erzeugnisse, Papier/Chemikalien

Using Driven by BALYO Robots, you can trigger different missions both autonomously or through push of a button and truly enhance
the work in progress goods flow. Check our success story here.

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Abtransport leerer Paletten, Fertigung

Handling large load sizes is always a challenge in manufacturing industries. With BALYO robots, you can not only transfer large loads
but also bring back empty pallets autonomously, all whilst achieving an impressive throughout of up to 44 pallets per hour.

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Sie möchten unsere Roboter in Aktion erleben und in Ihrem Werk oder Lagerhaus unverbindlich testen?
All dies ist jetzt möglich: Füllen Sie eine POC-Anfrage (Proof Of Concept) aus, um einen Roboter für eine gewisse Dauer bei Ihnen installieren zu lassen
(kostenpflichtiger Dienst)

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